British Science Hair Analysis Lab

The British Science Hair Analysis Lab is the new facility overseen by Dr. David Kingsley to help find a customized treatment for your hair problem(s).

This is ideal for people unable to see one of our trichologists in person. 

Our specially trained team of certified trichologists will analyze your hair and also look at your blood test results and other information to assess the best treatment(s) for your hair!

British Science Labs
2550 Victory Blvd., Suite 305
Staten Island, NY 10314
T: 718-698-4700

Just send us the following to the above address:
• hair samples from your last hair wash,
• blood test results from the past 12 months (can also be emailed),
• photos of your hair and hair loss condition (can also be emailed),
• fill in our online form at:,
• pay the $175.00 fee online at:,
• don’t forget to put your full name and contact information on all correspondence sent to us.

Once we receive all the required information we will then contact you.

This fee includes a full trichological analysis of your hair samples and hair condition, which comprises of:
• a British Science Lab analysis (assessing your hair samples, blood test results, photos, etc.),
• emailing you magnified photos of some of your hair fibers,
• suggesting further blood tests to help with your analysis to have taken at your physician’s office (if necessary),
• customizing a specialized at-home treatment regimen for your hair, including British Science Formulations® products,
• specifying supplements to help your hair condition,
• other information that our experts feel may help your hair condition,
• a $75.00 credit for any recommended British Science Formulations® products/supplements,
• free shipping in the continuous 48 States of the USA.

See for terms and conditions.