The Consultation Process


For over 25 years Dr. David H. Kingsley and his dedicated team have helped thousands of patients to overcome all types of hair loss problems through a comprehensive treatment approach, based on the science and principles of trichology. Scheduling a virtual hair loss consultation (Tele-Trichology), Dr. Kingsley will provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to face your own condition with confidence.


In order to determine an appropriate treatment regimen, it is necessary to first identify your specific type of hair loss, as well as the cause(s) that may be responsible. During your private and confidential comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Kingsley will take a full case history, specifically detailing health, diet, stress, genetic, lifestyle, and environmental influences on your hair and scalp.


In most cases of hair loss there are several causes responsible and thus effectively treating the condition requires a multifaceted approach. Therefore, Dr. Kingsley will suggest the most up-to-date treatment combinations on how best to improve your condition. The effectiveness of these treatments has been published in a dermatology journal.


As anyone suffering from hair loss knows, it can sometimes be more difficult to overcome the psychological impact than the physical condition itself. This is something Dr. Kingsley is keenly aware of and he makes sure to address this important aspect as part of your treatment regimen.