Dr. David Kingsley offers the opportunity to have a trichological tele-consultation with him to discuss your hair loss condition.

The tele-consultation can be done via Skype or Zoom.

  • Step 1: Call 1-718-698-4700 to set up an appointment.
  • Step 2: Pay the $275.00 fee which includes a follow-up tele-consultation within 6 months.
  • Step 3: Before the tele-consultation, please email Dr. Kingsley any blood test results from the previous 12 months and photos of your hair to:
  • Step 4: At the appointed time, Dr. Kingsley will call you via Skype or Zoom (whichever is convenient for you). He will do a full trichology consultation: asking relevant questions, tele-assessing your hair loss condition, discussing possible causes; and then suggesting treatments that will help improve your condition. If he feels more tests are necessary, he will mention which ones he thinks are important.
  • Step 5: Use the treatment regimen he suggested and then call for a follow-up trichological tele-consultation for Dr. Kingsley to assess the progress of your condition (included in the fee).