Autumn Hair and Scalp Woes

Qu. It’s fall and I’m noticing more hair loss, is this normal?With the falling of leaves from the trees, many people think losing more scalp hair is normal at this time of the year. There’s only been a little research done on what is known as ‘seasonal hair fall’, and the results have been inconclusive. Therefore, I suggest you ask yourself the following: “Do I have extra hair loss at this time of the year every year?”. If the answer is yes, then you probably have seasonal hair loss and it could be normal for you; however, if the answer is no, or the hair loss is more excessive than usual, then it may be due to other reasons and I would suggest you visit a specialist for advice.Qu. Why do I get more scalp itching and dandruff in the fall?
This is a very common problem and is often due to weather changes. During the fall the temperature and humidity decrease causing the scalp to lose moisture. This can lead to an increase in scalp flaking and irritation. Sometimes there is also a little flaking and redness long the hair line and in the eyebrows. People with an oily scalp are actually more likely to have this problem. I suggest washing your hair every day to remove the dandruff build up and to keep the scalp clean so reducing the itchiness. Also, turn your humidifier on at home, especially at night, to help put more moisture in the air.

Qu. My hair, which is wavy all summer, goes limp in the fall, why?

Again, it’s because of the change in humidity. During the summer the hair absorbs moisture from the air and, if it is naturally curly to begin with, will become wavy and have more body (unfortunately, it can also go frizzy and become dull!). When the fall comes, the humidity drops and so less moisture is available causing the hair to go limper. This problem often occurs if your hair is damaged or too dry. I suggest using a conditioner every time you wash your hair and also use a deep conditioning treatment (such as British Science Formulations® Hair Strengthener) on a regular basis to help trap the correct level of moisture in your hair and so give it more shine and body throughout the year.

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