Women’s Hair Loss: More Now Than Ever Before?

When I first qualified as a Certified Trichologist in 1980, about 80% of my patients were male and 20% female. Now, the reverse is true. Does this mean that more women are losing hair?

In my opinion, the answer is “yes”. I find that women today have a greater amount ‘on their plates’ than ever before. A larger percentage of women now have a full-time job, yet they still have to look after their kids, do most of the household chores, and maybe also care for elderly parents. This often leads to more stress and a poorer diet, both of which can cause hair loss (particularly a condition called telogen effluvium). Interestingly, there was a study published recently questioning the role of these epigenetic (‘lifestyle’ or ‘environmental’) influences on genetic hair loss in women. The paper concluded that ‘environmental’ factors could be involved in female pattern hair loss and that controlling these may help with treatment.

Hair loss in women can be complex as it may be triggered by many things; therefore it is important to unravel and treat all the causes.

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