Hair loss: Problem Solved


Losing hair can be devastating. An increase in the

amount of hair falling out or a widening of the hair

parting can cause you anxiety and distress, affect your

self-esteem or cause you to cancel your social life.

Although the most common cause of hair loss is

genetics, there are many other factors that can also

cause the problem.


Dr. David Kingsley’s Solution:

1. Find Out Why You Are Losing Your Hair.

Even if genetic hair loss is the most obvious reason

for losing your hair, other factors could also be

contributing to your hair loss or making it worse and

should be explored. It is important to understand and

find all the contributing factors, however minor.

2.  Treat Each of the Causes of Your Hair Loss.

Once the causes of your hair loss have been

ascertained, try and correct the ones that can be

corrected, even if they are only playing a very small

role in your hair loss. Be pro-active.

3.  Multi-treatment.

Use more than one treatment to get the best results to

help your hair loss. The more treatments that you use

that are orientated to the reasons why you are losing

hair, the better the chance of improvement.

Also, just because a treatment didn’t work for a friend

doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Try a treatment

regimen for about 3 to 6 months to see if it’s working.

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