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Summer Hair and Scalp Advice

During the summer your hair and scalp often become harmed from too much exposure to the sun and to chemicals in the swimming pool. Below are a few tips to help you reduce the potential damage: Swimming: With frequent swimming in the sea or pool during the summer the salt &/or chlorine really takes a […]

Stress and Hair Loss

Most people’s lives are very stressful at one time or another, but not everybody loses hair during these stressful episodes. This is because people’s bodies react in different ways to stress. It seems that people who are more susceptible to stress-induced hair loss are the ones who are more susceptible to hair loss in the […]

Hair Cloning

Although the procedure for hair cloning is still being studied, it appears that the favored option is to first clone some hair follicle cells in a test tube or Petri dish and then carefully position these cells in the scalp. The placement of these cells should encourage them to grow into a functional hair follicle […]

Women’s Hair Loss: More Now Than Ever Before?

When I first qualified as a Certified Trichologist in 1980, about 80% of my patients were male and 20% female. Now, the reverse is true. Does this mean that more women are losing hair? In my opinion, the answer is “yes”. I find that women today have a greater amount ‘on their plates’ than ever […]

Autumn Hair and Scalp Woes

Qu. It’s fall and I’m noticing more hair loss, is this normal?With the falling of leaves from the trees, many people think losing more scalp hair is normal at this time of the year. There’s only been a little research done on what is known as ‘seasonal hair fall’, and the results have been inconclusive. […]

Hair Loss Expert, Dr. David Kingsley – launches new website

We are happy to announce the launch of world renowned Trichologist, Dr. David H. Kingsley’s, new website.  Here you will be able to see updates on recent hair loss results, information about the different types of hair loss and treatments, and most importantly a variety of ways to reach us for further information.  We also […]

Genetic Hair Loss

Genetic hair loss is caused by the action of male hormones (androgens) upon a genetically sensitive hair follicle. The development of genetic hair loss is associated with the shortening of the growing phase of the hair cycle and consequently with an increase in the proportion of resting hairs. Also, there is a reduction in the […]